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Home Theater

When it comes to Home Audio and Home Theater systems, Sonica brings a movie theatre-like experience to its clients. Our complete turnkey solutions include highly controlled lighting, row seating configuration and decor customization to provide the best in class audio-visual experience right at the comfort of your home.

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Home Automation

There’s nothing like an integrated and interactive home and Sonica is here to provide exactly that. Choose from a wide range of home automation products and solutions from Sonica that fit your budget and lifestyle. With smart solutions provided by Sonica, your home can adapt to your lifestyle, making your environment more comfortable, more intuitive, and easier to control. 


Home Entertainment

Sonica ensures all home entertainment needs are met. From basics such as televisions, speakers and music systems to more complex needs such as your own media room and multi zone music, Sonica is your go-to brand. Sonica re-models home’s to create stunning environments for entertaining, enjoying movies, music, gaming, and more. Our interactive audio-visual solutions transform spaces while maintaining the aesthetics of each home.


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