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3 Ways to Secure your Home using Automation Technology

Sonica can help you secure your house with our automation technology and make your everyday life easier. Some ways in which you can secure your home through automation technology are:

Security Video Doorbell

Sonica installed video doorbells can help you see who’s at the door without moving easily from anywhere on your phone. You can see who’s outside your door at night with the high resolution night vision cameras. You will also receive alerts when your doorbell is tampered with.

Cameras with Wi-Fi

You can always be in touch with what’s happening in and around your house with Wi-Fi connected security cameras installed by Sonica which can be easily connected to your smartphone. You can view the live feed of spaces inside as well as outside your home with these cameras.

Smartphone Controlled Sensors

Smartphone controlled sensors are a good solution for home security. The sensors can sense when you are leaving or entering your house automatically. They can be installed on doors and windows. In case you are away on a trip, activated motion sensors can help you give alerts of any movements and keep your home secure.

All these home automation technologies are easy to install and can help you have a sound sleep at night through the security they provide. Contact Sonica to automate your home and have a secure home.


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