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3 Ways to Upgrade to a Home Theatre

Everybody loves watching movies. And watching them with your family at home makes it even more comfortable. Here are 3 ways Sonica can help you upgrade to a home theatre.

Calibrate your Screen and Furniture

Sonica offers you the best service in calibrating and installing a high-end screen to get a joyful experience. Experts at Sonica will evaluate the space, size and shape to determine the screen placement, audio placement, and seating arrangements that deliver a high-quality audio and video experience to everyone in the room.

Get the Best Speaker Setup

Audio is the second important feature of a home theatre. Adjustments in things like EQ can lead to your speaker having low performance. At Sonica, every home theatre is built or calibrated to be a unique masterpiece to offer the best audio experience.

Go Big with a Projector

To take your home theatre to the next level you should consider installing a projector. Before choosing to buy a projector get an idea about its types because you should get good image quality with high contrast ratio and wide colour which Sonica can offer.


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